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Orostar Engineering

Managed by a highly qualified team with vast experience
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What we do?

Orostar Engineering is involved in the supply of electrical and telecommunication products and specialized in E&I works – Process Skid Packages for the Oil & Petrochemical field.


  1. We stock a range of explosion-proof materials to ensure prompt delivery thus satisfying the diverse needs
  2. We design, estimate & make layout drawings as per the client’s requirements.
  3. Fabrication & assembly under the supervision of experienced engineers

Why US

Managed by a highly qualified team with vast experience, Orostar maintains a high standard of quality, service and support.We’ve been accredited ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system which is managed by international standards, quality guarantee system and international management system. The products have obtained ATEX and IECEx certificates from internationally renowned laboratories; hence Orostar have always been able to take up projects of any magnitude to meet the ever rising demands of the current market


Explosion-proof exd junction box

Junction boxes are used either as junction boxes with/without terminals or for the installation of electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, signals, remote control switches, transformers.


Explosion-proof exe junction box

Junction boxes are made of various materials like stainless steel, low copper content aluminum alloy, glass-reinforced resin. These types are suitable for electrical installations as increased safety boxes or intrinsically safety boxes


Lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures are designed for the petrochemical industry, combining aesthetics with functionality, performance with simplicity in full compliance with the severity of Ex regulations.


Electronic horns/ speakers/ motor sirens

Electric horn products include 7 warning sounds, 13 melodies, and 30 MP3 sounds (via multiple channels) built-in. Products with the MP3 option allow users to input the proper sound for their working condition and environment


Water / explosion-proof limit switches

We provide compact size limit switches suitable for the petrochemical industry, food processing machinery, and machinery tools for compact applications. These products are impenetrable to water, oil, and particles with a protection rating of IP56


Alarms and signals

The range as xenon and LED warning/ signal/stackable light products that vary in size from 50mm to 180mm in diameter



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